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Best Cordless Sprayers For Sale

Graco handheld sprayers are considered to be some of the best tools for quick paint, drywall finish, disinfection and other similar jobs. With an ergonomic and lightweight design, these sprayers feature extended performance for years. Graco cordless sprayers offer a much quicker solution to small and medium paint projects and outstanding finish quality. Ultimately, this translates into a seamless and efficient painting experience every time.

As the name suggests, Graco handheld sprayers operate without the hassle of cords and wires. Instead, they use a 20-volt battery to allow for better movement and freedom when painting.

Graco cordless sprayers are known for their versatility, long battery life, durability, and more. They are used extensively for a large number of purposes including:

  • Applying finishes to furniture

  • Painting walls and ceilings

  • Applying sealants and varnish

  • Painting texture and designs, particularly on cement and drywall

  • Spraying disinfectants

  • Applying fire coatings

  • and more.

Sprayers & Parts is a certified distributor of the company’s equipment and spare parts. We have a number of Graco handheld sprayers and Graco handheld sprayer parts available on our online store.

The Essential Tool For Turning Small Jobs Around Quickly

One of the most prominent benefits that Graco handheld sprayers offer includes its ability to turn long and tedious tasks into easy, fun experiences. Whether you are looking to paint your wall or the fence or simply looking to spread disinfectant to keep your family safe, Graco cordless sprayers can help you do just that and more!

Some benefits of handheld sprayers include:

  • Unbeatable speed.

  • Flawless finishes

  • Next-use reliability.

  • Most advanced sprayers in the world!

Browse through our wide collection of Graco handheld sprayers to find the best one for your next project!