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The Graco 495 Paint Sprayer is an electric airless machine that offers a consistent spray of paint. It has a SmartControl 3.0 for performance monitoring and the motor adjusts to the needs of the project. In addition, the amount of gallons, pressure and hours used are being measured by the monitoring system. You are able to maximize the amount of uptime you have on the job and increase productivity when using the Graco paint sprayer 495 model.

When shopping online for a Graco 495 Paint Sprayer, it’s important to find the best options available. At Sprayers and Parts, we supply the Graco 495 Paint Sprayer and a variety of other high quality models.

With the Graco Paint Sprayer 495 you are guaranteed an advanced production rate, as well as a reliability that is unmatched. With this electric airless Graco 495 Paint Sprayer, the work is easier, production rates and flow is increased.

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