Graco 241705 Airless Spray Gun



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    Graco 241705 Heavy-Duty Blue Texture Airless Spray Gun is designed for heavy coatings and joint compounds.

    Here are some key features and specifications:

    • Ideal for Heavy Coatings: This spray gun is perfect for applying heavy coatings and joint compounds. Whether you’re working on a Level 5 finish, drywall mud, epoxies, or a range of paints and primers, this gun has you covered.
    • Oversized Fluid Path: The no-filter design minimizes restriction and maximizes flow. It’s great for handling heavy materials without pack-out issues.
    • Ergonomic Design: The form-fitting handles provide maximum control and comfort during spraying. The optimized trigger and lightweight design make it effortless for all-day use. 
    • Patented Needle Design: The factory-set needle requires no adjustment, ensuring consistent performance and long life.
    • Specifications:
      • Air Inlet Size: 1/4 inch (male)
      • Fluid Orifice Size: 0.125 inch
      • Maximum Fluid Pressure: 4000 psi
      • Gun Weight: 25.7 ounces
      • Includes RAC X 531 SwitchTip and RAC X HandTite Guard.

    Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Graco 241705 Heavy-Duty Blue Texture Airless Spray Gun is a reliable choice for your coating and finishing needs!

    If you need more information or have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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