Graco 24B817 Piston Valve (115cc)




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    Graco 24B817 Piston Valve is designed for the Xtreme 115cc pump lower, specifically for pump series G and older models L115C1, L115C2, L115C3, L115C4, L115C0 may be more.

    This piston valve features a stainless-steel construction with a tungsten carbide seat. The recommended torque for installation is 115-135 ft-lb (155-182 N.m). It plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and performance of the pump system.

    If you’re working with Graco Xtreme 115cc pump lower that requires Piston Valve replacement, this is an essential component to keep your pump running smoothly. Whether you’re in the field or the workshop, having the right parts ensures optimal functionality and reliability.

    Remember, proper maintenance and timely replacement of critical components like the piston valve contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of your equipment. So, if you’re dealing with a Graco Xtreme 115cc pump, make sure to check and replace this vital part when needed!

    Please always confirm that you are ordering the right Graco Parts by cross checking your Owner and Repair Manual.

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