Graco 17K690 Pump Repair Kit



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    Graco 17K690 Pump Repair Kit for Express ProConnect and QuickChange pumps.

    Fits the following fluid section: ProConnect 17J552, 17J553, 17J554, 17J555 and QuickChange: 17J556, 17J558, 17J559, 17J560and many small Graco models.

    Graco 17K690 Repair Kit includes 1 Graco 180656 PLUG, button, 3 Graco 17J184 V-PACKING, throat, V-MaxTM UHMWPE, 2 Graco 17J185 V-PACKING, leather, 1 Graco 105444 BALL, sst, 0.3125 in, 1 Graco 110073 O-RING, 1 Graco 17J187 O-ring, special, piston seat,  1 Graco 107313 O-RING, PTFE, 3 Graco 125724 V-PACKING, piston, V-MaxTM UHMWPE, 2 Graco 176755 V-PACKING, leather, 1 Graco 17J188 GLAND, male, piston, lower, 1 Graco 176754 GLAND, male, throat, upper, 1 Graco 176757 GLAND, female, throat.

    Graco Pump Repair Kit listed here is a Brand new, genuine Graco parts. As always, we are an authorized Graco dealer. Order from us being sure that you are getting a genuine Graco Pump Repair kit.


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