Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus 257025 Parts List

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Many homeowners and individuals new to paint sprayers highly favor the Magnum Project Painter Plus Electric TrueAirless Sprayer. This sprayer is suitable for a wide range of exterior and interior home improvement projects and is compatible with either a 1- or 5-gallon paint container.

Key Features: 

  • ·        Stainless Steel Piston Pump: Provides high-pressure power for spraying unthinned paints.
  • ·        Adjustable Pressure Control: Enables easy regulation of paint flow – Flexible.
  • ·        Suction Tube: Allows for direct spraying from 1- or 5-gallon containers for projects of various sizes.
  • ·        TrueAirless Spray Tip with SoftSpray Technology: Enhances control and reduces overspray when using a variety of coatings.
  • ·        Power Flush Adapter: Enables quick and effortless cleaning by connecting to a garden hose.
  • ·        Compact Design: Features a stable, low-profile build with an integrated pail hook for convenient portability.
  • ·        Additional Storage Compartments: Provides space for storing the spray gun, extra-spray tips, and power cord.

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