Graco17N267 FinishPro HVLP 9.5 ProContractor Series Sprayer



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    Graco17N267 FinishPro HVLP 9.5 ProContractor Series Sprayer

    The FinishPro HVLP 9.5 ProContractor Series sprayer is loaded with features that provide the on-demand power control and easier operation with independent material, air and spray fan controls to increase productivity on medium-sized fine finish jobs.

    Work Smarter, Finish More Jobs. Graco HVLP ProContractor Series sprayers include all Standard Series features plus additional features that offer the longest life, more convenience and greater control to improve profitability and produce a superior spray finish.

    • TurboForce Technology
      • Exclusive, proprietary turbine design builds more pressure through each stage, resulting in more performance at the gun
      • More air flow and air pressure means higher production with less thinning of material
      • Generates less heat and provides longer turbine life
    • SmartStart Turbine
      • Automatically shuts off when not in use— if you’re not spraying, it’s not running
      • Reduces jobsite noise, resulting in less fatigue
      • Automatic shut-off reduces heat and extends turbine life
    • TurboControl System with LED Display
      • Adjust the TurboForce turbine speed to match the performance you require
      • Reduces heat build up
      • Runs quieter
      • Extends turbine system life
      • 50% longer hoses
    • Industry Leading Dual Filtration System
      • Automotive-grade filter has high performance filtration
      • Outperforms foam and traditional paper filters used on most HVLP systems
    • EDGE II Plus Gun
      • Ultimate control with independent user controls for material volume, air flow, and spray fan size
      • 4X more productivity
      • FlexLiner Bag System
      • Learn more: EDGE II Plus Gun
    • FlexLiner Bag System
      • FlexLiner Paint Bag System replaces traditional material cups
      • Spray at any angle with no adjustment – even upside down!
    • Super-Flex Air Hose
      • 15% lighter weight than other leading brands for more control at the gun
      • 30 ft length included
      • No tools needed to connect
    • Stainless Steel “Tough Box” Design
      • Rugged, all steel enclosure protects the turbine on the job and during transport
      • Smaller and lighter than previous models
    • Utility Toolbox
      • Separate tool storage for extra needles and nozzles
    • On-Board Gun and Cup Holder
      • Holds gun when not in use
      • Allows for easy paint refills with less spills

    Graco FinishPro HVLP 9.5 ProContractor Series Sprayer

    The Graco 9.5 HVLP FinishPro Sprayer is designed to give you a lasting edge and serve you with accurate power, speed and precision. It is easy to use and move, delivering a versatile and consistent finish on any surface without overspray, messy cleanups and wasted materials. One of the benefits of our Graco FinishPro 9.5 is that it paints more accurately and evenly. You can easily cover a significant area without multiple touch-ups. Whether you want this equipment for furniture finishing, decorating items or for the marine and automotive industry, you can trust it will do a flawless job.

    The FinishPro HVLP 9.5 Sprayer Is Loaded With High-Quality Features

    The Graco 9.5 HVLP FinishPro Sprayer comes with many features that provide sought-after power control and straightforward operation. With this finish sprayer, you work smarter and finish more jobs. These features increase durability, offer more convenience and control and improve profitability.

    The Graco FinishPro 9.5 has a premium turbine design that builds extra pressure in every stage, enhancing the performance of the sprayer by more than 30%. It also produces less heat, resulting in longer lasting efficiency. The TurboControl system of the Graco FinishPro 9.5 means it runs quieter than alternative sprayers. The Graco 9.5 HVLP FinishPro Sprayer offers optimum control with independent control for air flow, material volume, and spray fan size. You can be confident knowing that the Graco FinishPro 9.5 sprayer has been manufactured with quality in mind and to make the user's work as effortless as possible.

    Purchase Yours Today

    Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of the Graco FinishPro 9.5? Let us help you. The FinishPro HVLP 9.5 ProContractor Series sprayer is accompanied by excellent features that provide on-demand power control, making operations easy and increasing productivity on fine finish jobs. Visit our website sprayersandparts.com to browse this and other Graco fine finish sprayers today!


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