Graco 244223 Heavy-Duty Blue Texture Gun Air Atomizer Kit



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    Graco 244223 TexSpray Air Atomizer Kit adds functionality to some sprayers, enabling them to create specific decorative texture finishes, which include orange peel, splatter, and knockdown.

    The Graco 244223 TexSpray Air Atomizer Kit is an add-on or an accessory that's used with certain Graco texture sprayers, namely the Mark IV, Mark V, and GMax 5900HD models.

    This kit allows for the attachment of an air compressor, further improving the versatility and performance of the sprayers. It is compatible with the Heavy-Duty Blue Texture Gun and the Flex Gun, but the spray gun itself is not included in the kit.

    This type of kit would be particularly useful in a variety of painting, decorating, or renovation projects, especially those involving large areas or a desire for special texture effects on surfaces. It's always important to note that, to ensure optimal performance and longevity, the air atomizer kit should be cleaned and maintained regularly following the manufacturer's guidelines.

    Minimum air compressor specs of 15 cfm at 90 psi. and this offer does not include Air Hose or Spray Gun.


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